“Take Faulkner’s dictum that “the past is never dead, it’s not even past” and transpose it to late Forties LA. In the grand tradition of John Gregory Dunne’s True Confessions, Wasserman’s taut little tale finds a mismatched pair of brothers clashing. explosively, at the dawn of the Blacklist era.
Wesley Strick, screenwriter and author of Out There in the Dark



“Wasserman is a good, strong writer who makes you care about his characters regardless of their iffy life choices. The transcript-like sections of the House Un-American Activities Committee are fascinating, and the capitalism v. socialism war still resonates today with an irony underscored by the fact that back then, those terms actually meant something.” —Mary F. Burns, Historical Novels Review

Celluloid Strangers


In this stunning collection, Eric Wasserman’s beautifully crafted stories chart the experiences of characters who, in various ways, must come to terms with the less-than-perfect realities of their lives. He writes with a rare mixture of ironic wit and compassionate perception, and the result is both captivating and luminous.
—Frederick Reiken