Essays & Interviews


Space Brothers” in Generation Space

“ You’ll Find It Off Market Street ” in The Akron Anthology

“ Jewish Literary Heroes: Individualistic Dreamers ” in the November 2013 issue of Sh’ma: a Journal of Jewish Ideas

“ Nobody Should Watch Star Wars Alone ” in the Spring 2013 issue of Great Lakes Review

 “Film as Literary Influence on the Novel: How to Approach Writing Scenes Within Novel Chapters”  in the anthology, Novel Writing Tips and Techniques 

 Eric’s Essay on Philip Roth’s influential novel, The Counterlife  in the March/April 2012 issue of Moment Magazine

“ Incorporating Research Into a Fictional Narrative ” in Glimmer Train’s Writers Ask FOCUS

“The Sponge and His Squeeze” about writing as a couple at Lofty Ambitions. Also check out Eric’s wife Thea’s own reflectionon the same subject in her piece “Locked in the Basement”

“ Early Shnoring on Christmas Even in Akron ” in the anthology Christmas Stories from Ohio

 “Embracing Emotional Autobiography Over Factual Representation in Fiction” 
in Glimmer Train’s Writers Ask FOCUS

“Avoiding the Corner in Researched Fiction” in Glimmer Train Bulletin



 Interview  with 2011 John Simmons Short Fiction Award winner Josh Rolnick in Glimmer Train

 Interview with author Frederick Reiken  in Southeast Review

 Interview with Ehud Havazelet  from Boswell Magazine